Helping students understand,

think, and write about texts.

  • Students and writing tutors working together.

    Students working with writing tutors.

  • Students working on writing revisions.

    Students working on writing revisions.

  • Student and Tutor in writing  consultation.

    Student and tutor in writing consultation.

  • Students can sign up for tutoring in person or on line.

    Students sign up for tutoring in person or on line.

  • Writing Center tutors help analyze textual details.

    Tutors help analyze textual details.

The Writing Center

Our Mission

The Writing Center at Rutgers-Newark offers writing tutoring and writing workshops to all undergraduate students currently enrolled in classes on the Rutgers, Newark campus. The Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences (RBHS) Writing Center offers these services to all RBHS undergraduate and graduate students.

Tutors help students become more independent readers and writers capable of responding well to the demands of writing within the university.

Tutoring is not a drop-off editing or proofreading service. Rather, tutoring is for students who want to strengthen their reading, writing, and research skills. In universities around the world, tutors and their students pursue academic excellence together.

The Writing Center offers specific workshops to support students enrolled in composition courses, as well as those enrolled in Writing Intensive courses. Please come to the Writing Center for a workshop calendar or check our website.

To request more information, sign up for tutoring or to register for workshops, visit Conklin Hall 126, or click on the appropriate links in the left hand menu.

Writing Center Tutors

Tutors are Writing Program faculty and undergraduate and graduate students from a variety of disciplines, selected to help students develop their writing. Student tutors maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better, are recommended by faculty, participate in on-going training, and are certified through the College Reading and Language Association International Certification Program.

How Tutors Help Students

Students learn most if they engage in a variety of activities with tutors, such as tutoring and workshops. Tutors can also help students use the Center’s web-site and library.

Using the Writing Center

Tutors can help students: clarify an assignment, generate ideas and writing, review and revise drafts, improve grammar and usage, and strengthen reading and editing skills.