Profile: Peter Golden

Professor Emeritus

Department of History

Research Interests: The history of medieval Eurasia and the interaction of the Turko-Mongolian steppe peoples with the neighboring sedentary states (Rus', Byzantium, the Caucasus, and the Islamic world). Ethnogenesis. Turkic philology.

  • Courses Taught

    Ottoman Empire

    History of Islamnic Civilization

    The History of Iran

    History of the Modern Middle East

    Problems and Readings in Medieval History

    Colloquium in Comparative History-Islamic Civilization (New Brunswick)

  • Publications

    Studies on the Peoples and Cultures of the Eurasian Steppes (Romanian Academy, Institute of Archaeology of Iaşi, Editura Academiei Române -Editura Istros, 2011).

    Central Asia (New York-Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2011).

    Nomads and Their Neighbours in the Russian Steppe. Turks, Khazars and Qipchaqs in Variorum Collected Studies Series (Aldershot, U.K.: Ashgate Publishing, 2003).

    Türk Halklari Tarihine Giris, (Turk. O. Karatay (Ankara: KaraM, 2002), a Turkish translation of my An Introduction to the History of the Turkic Peoples (Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag, 1992).

    The King's Dictionary. The Rasûlid Hexaglot: Fourteenth Century Vocabularies in Arabic, Persian, Turkic, Greek, Armenian and Mongolian, edited with an Introduction and Commentary by Peter B. Golden, translated by T. Halasi-Kun, P.B. Golden, L. Ligeti, Ö. Schütz,with essays by P.B. Golden and Th. T. Allsen (Leiden: Brill, 2000).

  • Awards

    Member of the Institute For Advanced Study (Princeton), 2005-2006.

    National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 2001.

    Rutgers University Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research, 1994.

    Honorary Member, Türk Dil Kurumu (Turkish Language Society), elected 1989.