5th International Workshop on Induced Polarization


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The 5th International Workshop on Induced Polarization (IP) will take place from October 3-5, 2018 at Rutgers University Newark, located just 10 miles outside of New York City, USA. The workshop will consist of a series of invited only talks by experts in the field, poster sessions, roundtable discussions and presentations/demonstrations on instrumentation from the sponsors.

The workshop will be organized around six themes:

1. Petrophysics

2. Biogeophysics

3. Modeling

4. Field applications

5. Data processing/inversion

6. Instrumentation

The submission window for short 250 word abstracts on poster presentations will open on April 30 and close July 1. Registration for the workshop will open on Jul 15 with an early bird deadline of September 1. Due to the generosity of our sponsors, we expect to offer a low registration fee of approximately $200 [$150 for students]. The registration fee will include a conference dinner, a dinner/river cruise around Manhattan, lunches, an ice-breaker and a happy hour. Two local hotels will provide discounted rates from $109-$169 per room per night.

The 5th workshop will follow in the tradition of the previous IP workshops:

  • Bonn (Germany, 2009): latest developments and applications of the IP method for near surface hydrogeological and environmental investigations
  • Golden (Colorado, USA, 2011): understanding of the mechanisms generating IP signals in the earth
  • Ile d'Oléron (France, 2013): developments of the method within the geophysical community and across scientific communities
  • Aarhus (Denmark, 2016): narrowing the gap between theory, laboratory findings in controlled environments, and field experiments

The focus of the 5th workshop is to critically evaluate the information content of induced polarization data based on the last decade of theoretical, laboratory and field-scale developments. The workshop will assess key questions pertaining to the implementation of IP as a robust geophysical technology for subsurface characterization. Example questions include, [1] How well can permeability be predicted from IP measurements? [2] is it possible to quantify biogeochemical parameters through time-lapse IP monitoring?  [3] How much broadband information can be extracted from data acquired outside of the laboratory? The technical committee will work to organize sessions around these and other such questions.

The proximity of Rutgers University Newark to New York City provides outstanding opportunities for social activities that will be incorporated into the workshop and provide attendees with a flavor of ‘The Big Apple’, including a scenic river cruise. Newark has a vibrant university neighborhood and Portuguese community that will be visited for the conference dinner.

Further details of the 5th International Workshop on Induced Polarization (IP) will be announced on this site as the technical program is developed. For now, please mark your calendars and hold the date.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Newark!

Lee Slater, Dimitrios Ntarlagiannis, Judy Robinson and Kristina Keating



IP Workshop Technical Committee