Paul Robeson: Centennial Observances

Paul Robeson: Centennial Observances:

The centennial observance of Paul Robeson included A Lecture by the Paul Robeson Biographer, Lloyd Brown.  This afternoon program, held in April 1998, was co-sponsored with the Honors College, Rutgers-Newark.

A program entitled Paul Robeson: The Artist and the Image, A Multi-Media Presentation by Paul Robeson, Jr.  This was the first collaborative program for the Institute and the New Jersey Performing Arts Center, held in observance of the centennial anniversary of the famous American artist and activist.

And Climbing Jacob’s Ladder: The Life and Times of Paul Robeson.  This 18th annual Marion Thompson Wright Lecture Series in February, 1998 also observed the Robeson Centennial anniversary, with keynote lecture by Professor P. Sterling Stuckey.