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It is with great pleasure that I introduce to you the Department of Urban Education (DUE) at Rutgers-Newark.  The DUE is composed of a dedicated and active group of visiting and fulltime scholars.  We believe that schools are crucial to the cultivation of creative, productive, and politically involved individuals committed to a democratic and just society.  We dedicate ourselves to the preparation and professional development of future and current teachers, administrators, and scholars who contribute to the improvement of urban education through their teaching, community involvement, leadership, and research.  The DUE offers both undergraduate and graduate courses and programs and works with students and teachers in school classrooms.  Additionally, the DUE is proud to be the home of the Rutgers Newark Division of the Robert B. Davis Institute for Learning (RBDIL-Newark), the Abbott Leadership Institute (ALI), the Youth Media Symposium (YMS), and the Newark Area Math Circle (NAMaC).

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Welcome to our web presence.  Here you will find information you seek about details of our courses and programs.



Arthur B. Powell, Ph.D.

Department Chair & Associate Professor




Department of Urban Education
110 Warren Street, Bradley Hall - 1st Floor, Newark, NJ 07102