Field Education

Junior Field Practice / Internship 910:324 (100 hours, 1 day per week) is only offered in spring semester and must be taken together with Theory and Methods I (910:346) class. Junior Field Practice is open to students who have applied through the Department of Social Work and received a letter from the Department of Social Work indicating their acceptance. All students should have established a minimum of 2.7 GPA at Rutgers Newark to apply for the major. Junior year students majoring in Social Work must apply for Junior Field by November 1 by submitting the application below to the Director of Field Education in person.

Senior Field Practice / Internship 910:471 (420 hours over the course of 2 semesters, 2 days per week) starts in fall semester and runs through the 1st week of May. Senior Field Practice must be taken together with Senior Seminar I (910:413) in fall and Senior Seminar II (910:414) in spring. A grade of C or higher in all social work courses and completion of (or a waiver from) Junior Field Practice are pre-requisites. Students must apply for Senior Field by March 1 by submitting the application below to the Director fo Field Education in person.


Proposal for Practicum at Place of Employment

Bi-Weekly Timesheet

Process Recording Form

Cumulative Time Record

Agency Application for SW Interns

Confirmation Form

Professional Organizations
For information on licensure & certification.
National Professional Organization for Social Workers.
Information regarding undergraduate social work education, as well as a number of links to social work related resources.
The national professional organization of undergraduate and graduate social work education. This site has listing of all BSW and MSW programs in the U.S.
The webpage for "The New Social Worker," for social work students and for recent graduates.Website.Process Recording.docx