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Information for Individual Donors:
As we enter the 21st century, our world is besieged by problems of genocide, war, ethnic and religious strife, hate crimes, human trafficking, prejudice, and other human rights violations. Education and understanding are the first steps needed to reduce or even prevent such abuses. By supporting the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights fulfill its mission, you can help make the world a better place.
Why Support the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights?
Because the CGHR is: 
  • Conducting RESEARCH into the origins, dynamics, and prevention of genocide, conflict resolution, and human rights abuses
  • EDUCATING students from New Jersey and around the globe about these issues
  • RAISING PUBLIC AWARENESS about genocide and human rights through public events, informational databases, and outreach efforts.
  • COMMEMORATING the atrocities of the past through public symposiums, exhibitions, and oral history projects. 
  • REACHING OUT GLOBALLY through international partnerships to peoples and places afflicted by genocide and extreme human rights abuses.
How Can You Support Us?
  • Endow and name the Center in honor of a loved one.
  • Create an endowed and named Chair 
  • Endow a named lecture series or conference.
  • Support our educational curriculum development and outreach activities. 
  • Create a named fund to support faculty and student research activities. 
  • Designate funds to support the studies of students from countries that have suffered from genocide and human rights abuses. 
  • Establish an annual named lecture or symposium on the world challenges like genocide. 
Types of Donations
  • Endowment: Establish an endowment in honor of yourself or a loved one. Possibilities include creating a named Chair of Holocaust and Genocide Studies or of Genocide and Human Rights, a named annual lecture series, a named annual conference, a named annual lecture, or even transforming the CGHR into a named Center. 
  • Unrestricted Gifts: Make an unrestricted gift to the CGHR. These funds will be used where the Director of the Center determines they are most needed and can be most effectively used.
  • Restricted Gifts: By making a restricted gift, you decide how the funds will be used. You might, for example, designate funds to support CGHR lectures, CGHR faculty research, the study of a student from an afflicted country, or outreach activities to local schools. 
  • Annual Giving: Your gift may be disbursed in one lump sum or through annual giving. You can decide how your annual gift will be used or leave this to the discretion of the Director of the Center. Annual gifts may be used to support basic operating costs or a specific activity, such as student scholarship, an educational initiative, a lecture series on a particular subject, or exchanges with particular countries. 
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There are two quick and easy ways to make a donation to the Center for the Study of Genocide and Human Rights: