Forgotten Genocides Project

When the people think of genocide, they usually think of some of the most tragic genocides in recent history: the Holocaust, the Armenian genocide, Cambodia, Rwanda, Bosnia, and Darfur. There are, however, other instances of mass extermination and cultural obliteration that have been more or less forgotten, thus handing the victims a double death, first by genocide and then by historical erasure. Through lectures, conferences, research, and case study webpages, this research initiative, which is closely linked to CGHR's Critical Genocide Studies project, seeks to reexamine some of these “forgotten genocides” by exploring what happened, why it was forgotten or more or less erased from history. All of these themes emerged in a 2011 international conference, "Forgotten Genocides: Memory, Power, and Knowledge," one resulting in an edited book, Hidden Genocides: Power, Knowledge, Memory (2014). A second and related conference on "Colonial Genocide in Indigneous North America" was held in 2012 and is also resulting in an edited volume (forthcoming with Duke, 2015).