Behind & Beyond the Debate: A Public Speaker Series On Education In Newark

The 2011-2012 public speaker series on education and schooling in Newark and beyond. This year-long event
provided a venue for the community of Newark to engage in interdisciplinary scholarship that
explores the complexity of education and schooling in our democratic and diverse society as a way
to further public understandings of proposed school reform measures for Newark schools.

SEPTEMBER 15th, 2011
Rutgers University Campus,
John Cotton Dana Library

SESSION 1 - Looking to the Past to
Understand the Present: Historical
Perspectives on Schooling and Newark

  • Tina Collins, Lead Researcher and Policy Analyst, United Federation of Teachers-Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff
  • Ansley Erickson, Assistant Professor of History and Education, Teachers College, Columbia University
  • Kenneth T. Jackson, Jacques Barzun Professor in History and the Social Sciences,Columbia University

NOVEMBER 10th, 2011
Rutgers University Campus,
John Cotton Dana Library

SESSION 2 - Contemporary Contexts:
Examining Market-Driven Reforms and the
Production and Reproduction of Urban
Schools and Students

  • Maia Cucchiara, Assistant Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, College of Education, Temple University
  • Michelle Fine, Distinguished Professor of Social Psychology, Women’s Studies and Urban Education, Graduate Center, CUNY
  • Charles Payne, Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor, School of Social Service Administration, University of Chicago

APRIL 26th, 2012
The Newark Museum
Billy Johnson Auditorium

SESSION 3 - New Educational Paradigms:
Reconceptualizing Education and
Schooling in Newark and Beyond

  • Pauline Lipman, Education Activist and Professor of Educational Policy Studies, University of Illinois-Chicago
  • Deborah Meier, 45 Years in K-12 Public Education
  • Richard Rothstein, Research Associate of the Economic Policy Institute