Students in the library

Undergraduate Majors & Minors

Programs of Study

African American & African Studies B.A, minor  
American Studies minor  
Ancient & Medieval Studies minor  
Anthropology B.A, B.A/M.A, minor   
Applied Ethics minor  
Art B.A, minor  
Art History minor  
Asian Studies minor  
Visual Arts (Fine Art or Graphic Design) B.F.A.  
Biology B.A, B.S, B.A/M.A, minor  
Chemistry B.A, B.A/M.A, minor  
Clinical Laboratory Science B.S.  
Cognitive Neuroscience minor  
Computer Science B.A, minor B.A.
Creative Writing M.F.A, minor  
Economics B.A, B.A/M.A, minor B.A.
English B.A, minor B.A.
Earth and Environmental Science B.S, minor  
Film Studies minor  
Geology B.A, B.S, minor  
Geoscience Engineering B.S.  
Global Politics minor  
Health Information Management B.S.  
Health Sciences B.S.  
History B.A, minor B.A.
Information Systems B.A. B.A.
International Affairs minor  
Journalism and Media Studies B.A, minor  
Latin American Studies minor  
Legal Studies minor  
LGBT Studies minor  
Mathematics  B.A, minor minor
Mathematics, Applied B.A.  
Medical Imaging Sciences B.S.  
Music B.A, minor  
Neuroscience and Behavior B.A.  
Peace & Conflict Studies minor minor
Philosophy B.A, minor  
Physics B.A, minor  
Physics, Applied B.A.  
Political Science B.A, B.A/M.A, minor B.A, minor
Portuguese and Lusophone World Studies B.A, minor  
Pre-Health 2nd Concentration  
Psychology B.A, B.A/M.A, minor B.A, minor
Psychiatric Rehab and Psych B.S. B.S.
Social Work B.A. B.A.
Sociology B.A, B.A/M.A, minor B.A, minor
Spanish B.A, minor  
Theater B.A, minor  
Urban Teacher Education Program 2nd Concentration  
Video Production B.A, minor  
Writing minor  
Women's and Gender Studies B.A, minor