You should speak to your professor immediately.  Ask for help.  Do not wait until the end of the semester.

Contact the Learning Resource Center:
Find out when tutoring in College Algebra is offered.  The Learning Resource Center is located in Bradley Hall.  The phone number is (973) 353-5608.  There is no fee for this service.

Re-take the Placement Exam:
Retake the Placement Exam to see whether or not you need to take a developmental math course.  To set-up an exam date and time, please contact The Placement Exam takes one hour to complete.

Failed your College Algebra Course?  Here’s what you can do:
Repeat the course.  Once you have passed the course, the “F” grade will be removed from your cumulative average, and the new passing grade will be calculated in your average.  Please note, the “F” grade as well as the passing grade will appear on your permanent transcripts.  If you do decide to repeat the course, you will have to pay tuition again.