Hate Monitor planned

Hate Watch

Understanding Hate, Saving Lives

We live in a world in which hate is on the rise. Our screens are filled with images of the black flag of ISIS and the bombardment of Aleppo. Domestically, and particularly after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, racist, anti-Semitic, and bigoted language appears to be increasing, even in schools where a concerted effort has been made to combat hate with Holocaust education. Even the White Nationalist movement – replete with recent Nazi salutes in Washington, D.C. -- has found new ground.

CGHR’s Hate Watch program seek to combat such hate in the contemporary world by increasing understanding about and monitoring the incidence of hate speech, bigotry, and violence. It does so in three ways: (a) research into the origins and dynamics of hate; and (b) a cutting-edge Hate Watch website that includes a Hate Monitor and open-access information on hate; and (c) an educational and awareness raising social media campaign.