Cooperman College Scholars

Cooperman College Scholars Academic Summer Program

Cooperman College Scholars is an academic summer program focused on the fulfillment of academia within its students. Students with the financial need are offered the opportunity to prepare to embark on their college journey with support services such as college application assistance, four-year scholarship opportunities, and college mentorship during this three-week program. This program begins on July 24th 2016, and ends on August 13th 2016 and hopes to prepare future scholars to be college ready academically, financially, and mentally. Here are more concluding details about our three-week academic college readiness program:



Mr. Cooperman grew up in a poor family, being the son of Jewish immigrants. After being the first in his family to pursue a college degree, he and his wife accumulated an abundance of student loan debt, where he then decided to launch his own hedge fund to support his newborn baby that many people were fortunate to be part of for years. 

CCS Goals

  • Prepare students for a college environment.
  • Improve student self-sufficiency
  • Inspire an interest in students to pursue a college education
  • Improve academic skills in both high school and post-secondary education
  • Increase standardized testing scores (i.e SAT/ACT)
  • Enlighten scholars on the college process
  • Connect scholars with resources (i.e leadership mentors, program directors, academic advisors, etc)
  • Inspire critical thinking skills
  • Enlighten scholars on knowledge related to financial assistance for college (i.e scholarships, FAFSA, financial aid programs, etc)



By the end of this program, scholars will be inspired to make the best of the community they are included in, and will be equipped with the tools and skills needed to complete high school and begin their college journey. Scholars will be familiar with all of the possible resources at their disposal to get the most out of their academic experiences and feel more confident in their ability to achieve higher education despite the economic environment around them.

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Jakyrra S. Tyson
(973) 353-3553
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