CGHR examines "Intervention" in 2017-18

As part of its "Rethinking Prevention" intiative, undertaken with the support of a seed grant from the Rutgers-Newark Office of the Chancellor, CGHR will focus on the thematic of "Intervention" during the 2017-18 academic year. Among other things, this thematic initiative will include related course work, lectures, seminars, and conferences. 

Past CGHR thematics

Utopia / "N. an imagined perfect place or state of things from Gk ou 'not' + topos 'place' " (OED)

500 Years after the publication of Sir Thomas More's Utopia, the idea of utopia remains a current one. It is manifest in a range of domains, including the apocalypitic ideas of ISIS, the surge of interest in "dystopia," and even the idea of human rights. The 2016-17 "utopia" thematic will be discussed in related courses, lectures, seminars, and outreach activities. It follows upon CGHR 2015-16 thmatic: Ruins.

Follows CGHR's 2015-16 theme: Ruins

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Recap of 2014 Theme, "Pathways and Passages"